Brunswick Church Youth

Our mission is to be a part of the Brunswick Church family, helping teens discover Jesus Christ, grow in a relationship with Him and others, and help them to find a place to use their gifts in the Church.


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Sign up for our Youth E-Bulletin. The YEB gives you all the updated info on Surrender happenings like trips, events and groups. Just send your email information to the Director of Nurture Ministries, Niki Campbell.

Surrender Youth Group

Youth Group is the place for middle and high school students to gather for games, discussion, and service. Join in as we discuss issues relating to youth and see what God's Word has to say about them.  We also look to do some small service projects that help us make a difference. Join us on Wednesday nights from 6:00pm to 8:00pm in the Youth Rooms.

Surrender Worship 

The youth of Brunswick Church come together once a month to worship our Lord Jesus Christ in a unique, youth-led worship experience called Surrender Worship. Young musicians and vocalists lead in sung praise, young preachers lead their friends in enthusiastic praise, and others offer their artistic and technical gifts to enhance the worship with visual arts. This service is held once a month. Surrender Worship Team planning sessions are weekly all interested high school students, time and day of the week to be determined.

Surrender Small Groups 

Each week at 10am, between our two Sunday Worship services, we offer small groups for  If you feel God is calling you to serve those at such a critical time in their lives and in their faith journey, please contact Niki Campbell

Game Night

Periodically through out the year there will be a game night for certain ages at the Kiehls home. It is a fun time to bring out the board games with a new twist. Watch the youth beb for the next game night.

Upcoming Events, Trips and Conferences

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Medical & Permission Forms:

For any special events off-site, please click here for the Medical and Permission Release Form and bring it the day of the event.  

Contact information:
Niki Campbell
Director Of Nurture Ministries
Phone: 518-279-3792 ext. 11