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Youth Medical Release & Code of Conduct Form

  • Code Of Conduct:
    1. I will not smoke, drink alcoholic beverages, or use illegal substances, nor will I have in my possession any of the same during this activity.
    2. I will cooperate with the scheduled program of activities.
    3. I will show respect to myself and others at all time.
    4. I will not engage in any inappropriate public display of affection.
    5. I will not engage in any sexual activities.
    6. I understand that if I do not adhere to this code of conduct, it may result in a warning, calling home, and or expulsion from the event. I understand this means my parent/guardian will be called and they will be required to provide transportation home for me from the event at that time.

  • AUTHORIZATION: Permission is granted for treatment of minor injury or illness. In the event of an emergency and I cannot be reached, I hereby give permission for the adult(s) in charge to seek professional medical help and transport my child.

    I have ALSO read the above information regarding the code of conduct and I understand if my child is expelled from the event that I am required to provide transportation home at that time.