Pastor Kim Jackson

Associate Pastor

518-279-3792 ext. 12

Kim was born and raised overseas as part of a Foreign Service family. Aside from the cities where she lived with her family and served as a mission co-worker, home for Kim is Washington, D.C.

Kim earned a Bachelor of Arts in history (English literature minor) from Virginia Tech, a Master of Arts in international affairs from The George Washington University, a Master of Divinity from Wesley Theological Seminary (Biblical studies emphasis), and a Doctor of Ministry, also from Wesley (spirituality and story). Her doctoral project and paper are entitled: “Lessons from Rwanda—Moving Through and Beyond Clergy Betrayal.”

Prior to entering seminary, Kim worked in the Federal government, corporate, missional, and non-profit worlds. Following graduation from seminary, she launched a small business in the field of visual arts and communication, focusing on photography, print, and digital media, while supporting churches, non-profits, educational institutions, and arts organizations.

Eventually, full-time ministry called, leading Kim to serve congregations in various staff and pastoral roles in Florida, Minnesota, Georgia, Colorado, and, most recently, Delaware.

Kim’s callings include worship, spirituality, missions, and the arts, and the ways in which they are incorporated in ministry and faith formation. Kim is also passionate about engaging with those around the world in need of reconciliation and healing found through justice and mercy.

Kim has a Labrador pup, Jedi, and loves to spend her free time walking outdoors, creating art, reading, practicing yoga, watching movies, traveling far and wide, and deepening relationships with dear friends.

Other Staff

Bob Schmidt

Bob oversees many of the financial functions of the church.

Colleen Lais

Colleen is our Office Manager. She ensures that the office runs smoothly and does her best to communicate the direction of the church, as well as inform everyone about the many events of this busy community.

Niki Campbell

Niki oversees the children, youth, and adult nurture program at Brunswick Church.

Pastor Emeritus Harry Heintz

Harry served as pastor of Brunswick Church for 38 years and is the Emeritus pastor of Brunswick Church.

Pastor Henry Kim

Henry is the Senior Pastor of Brunswick Church. He is married to Anne and has two children.

Pastor Kim Jackson

Kim’s callings include worship, spirituality, missions, and
the arts, and the ways in which they are incorporated in
ministry and faith formation.

Roy Krasse

Roy oversees all of the facilities of the church.

Ted Wright

Ted Wright provides a great deal of volunteer support to the church in the areas of pastoring, teaching, and visitation, among others.