Praise God!

The Leadership Gathering last Saturday was an amazing time of hope, learning, listening, and worship.

60 of the leaders from the church joined together and had wonderful fellowship. We missed those of you who could not join us.

We studied Joel 2:23-29 and Acts 2:1-24 and considered these questions:

       – In the life of this congregation, what has brought you joy? What has brought you sorrow?

       – In the life of this congregation, what do we need to hold on to? What do we need to let go of?

       – How have you seen God at work here? How might we move into the future together?

       – What do you want for this church this year? Next year? Down the road?

       – How is God asking you to follow? Are you willing to go where He calls?

       – What do you need before we say “Here I am” to God?

       – What have you learned about God during your time at Brunswick Church?

       – Are you willing to be a part of an intentional small group working towards wholeness and reconciliation?