Through the Valley of the Shadow

A short-term support group for persons dealing with grief and loss.

Grief is hard work. We cannot control it. We cannot make it go away. It’s like a journey without a
map: filled with surprises. Feelings can be strange, even scary. Or depressing. But what we can do is
find spiritual support: from God and from one another. We can share experiences, struggles,
discoveries, hope, resources, encouragement and prayer.

On six consecutive Sunday evenings at 7:30 PM, March 14 thru April 18 inclusive, I will facilitate a group for folks
who wish to grieve with more wisdom and deeper compassion. They may come from Brunswick or
from outside the church. They may grieve loved ones, pets, diagnoses, familiar homes, careers,
relationships; you name it. Our goal is not to solve or end that grief, but to understand what is normal
and to practice what is helpful.

Group size will be limited to 8 persons, accepted in order of registration. How does one register?
Email me: If you have questions, same procedure.
There are no pre-requirements, other than a good-faith commitment to show up every week (6 total).
I will send out the Zoom link as March 14 approaches.

After April 18, we will look forward to quarterly “Reunions” as a way to keep in touch and keep
supporting. After all, grief can be holy work. There is no pit or well so deep that God is not deeper still.

Pastor Ted
Parish associate, retired