Brunswick Church & friends!

Looking for something free, fun, and creative to do that doesn’t involve school work or another video call?

We have some free homemade craft kits available that kids can do at home. Some are easy enough for kids to do with little or no supervision. Others might need supervision or could be simplified, depending on age. We have quite a few of some, and more limited numbers of others. Most would include everything needed to do them (including instructions) except glue.

Kits could be requested and either picked up outside Mr. Dave’s house (scheduled by request) or delivered to their doorstep in the Brunswick Church community. See below for options.

Contact Mr. Dave at:


Secret Jesus Sign – can you read what it says?

 Here is a sign you can make that is a puzzle for your friends.  It looks like an ancient script, but is actually in plain English, if you can see it.  It took me a long time to see it, but once I did, it was easy to see. Either you see it or you don’t.

 If you want to make one for free, all you would need is a marker pen. More advanced people could use spray paint or inscribe it.  An envelope with a template and board is provided for craft beginners.  Advanced crafters will receive a board with an uncut template or I could email you a full size picture of the template if you want to copy it on heavy paper and supply your own board.  

 If you can’t read it, try covering the board above and below the markings. Try squinting.

Owl decoration

Here is a jiggly -eyed owl you can make with the included sunflower seeds. He starts out as a wooden cut out. You add the seeds, a piece of pine cone for a nose, the eyes, a cardboard branch, a Bible verse and a hanger on the back. All you need is glue. No cost. Directions are included

God is Love Banner

Here is a simple banner you can make for free from cloth and felt.  All you will need is glue.  Advanced crafters will receive a full size template to print out, cut out, and use to trace the letters and heart on supplied felt and cut them out.

Hot Pad Holder 

Here is rack to keep hot pot holders handy.
Could also be used to dry wet mittens or hold up recipe cards.
All you need is glue

Coat Rack Kit

Here is a cool free Shaker-peg style rack to hold coats.
I will drill holes for the pegs.  All you need is glue.
You can even paint it if you want to.