Colleen Lais

Director of Office Ministries

279-3792 ext. 10

There was a time in my life when I was really struggling.  My cousin, Jo-Anne saw an opportunity and invited me to a church she had recently discovered. I came to Brunswick Church for the first time to hear the preaching of our mission partner from Kenya, Bishop Jeremiah Pallangyo. I cried through the whole service and told my cousin she was in “big trouble”. I’ve been here ever since. Whenever we gather in community, it strikes me that people from many different places, with many different ideas and talents are welcome here. You might see an engineer having a conversation with an artist and inviting a high school student into their circle. I love that!

In addition to my work as the Director of Office Ministries at Brunswick Church, I have been called into the mission field. I coordinated five teams traveling to Pearlington MS to do recovery work after Hurricane Katrina. I am director and serve on the board of Brunswick Cares Community Food Pantry. With wonderful guests and an amazing volunteer team, this ministry is truly a blessing in my life. Brunswick Church has proven to be a place where I can offer my gifts in service as a form of worship. I learned on more than one hot Mississippi afternoon, exactly what a close relationship with Jesus Christ feels like. Working at this church allows me to be in that mission field all the time.

If Brunswick Church is the wheel, than the office is the hub. It is a mighty busy place. My volunteers and I work hard to make sure the congregation is “in the know.” Communication is of great importance to a church community. WHO do I speak with? WHAT is it about? WHERE do I go? WHEN is it happening?   WHY should I get involved?  We try to answer all of these questions with everything we do. In addition, a focus on our guests is our priority. We strive to make our handouts, posters and the website accessible and relevant, as well as informative. As the “hub” we support all of the ministries of this church and that’s a responsibility that we take very seriously. We have a motto in the office…”Do not put God in a box.” Do what you know you are being called to do and then get out of the way and just see what God has in store.

Other Staff

Bob Schmidt

Bob oversees many of the financial functions of the church.

Niki Campbell

Niki oversees the children, youth, and adult nurture program at Brunswick Church.

Pastor Emeritus Harry Heintz

Harry served as pastor of Brunswick Church for 38 years and is the Emeritus pastor of Brunswick Church.

Pastor Kim Jackson

Kim’s callings include worship, spirituality, missions, and
the arts, and the ways in which they are incorporated in
ministry and faith formation.

Ted Wright

Ted Wright provides a great deal of volunteer support to the church in the areas of pastoring, teaching, and visitation, among others.