Consecration Sunday is only two weeks away, and we dive deeper into building a  House of God. Why should we give the first fruits of our labors to the Lord? How to we go about challenging ourselves to go beyond the “normal” and step into the adventure of following God more closely. Please pray with me:

You, Lord, through your works have revealed the everlasting structure of the world. You, Lord, created the earth. You are faithful throughout all generations, righteous in your judgments, marvelous in strength and majesty, wise in creating and prudent in establishing what exists, good in all that is observed and faithful to those who trust in you, merciful and compassionate; forgive me my sins and my injustices, my transgressions and my shortcomings.

Do not take into account every sin of your servant, but cleanse me with the cleansing of your truth, and direct my steps to walk in holiness and righteousness and purity of heart, and to do what is good and pleasing in your sight and in the sight of my rulers. Yes, Lord, let your face shine upon all your servants in peace for our good, that we may be sheltered by your mighty hand and delivered from every sin by your uplifted arm; deliver us as well from those who hate us unjustly.

Give harmony and peace to me and to all who dwell on the earth, just as you did to our fathers when they reverently called upon you in faith and trust, that we may be saved, while we render obedience to your almighty and most excellent name, and give harmony and peace to our rulers and governors on earth.


By Clement of Rome, Translated from a letter, 96 A.D.

Nov 14-17

The “T” Word

Exodus 16:1-18

Malachi 3:10

Nov 24

Called to Take Risks

Matthew 25:14-30

Sermon from Nov. 10

2 Corinthians 8:1-15

Building a House of Grace.

Preacher Pastor Henry Kim

Help us celebrate the season with fellowship and food. On the 14th we will have a holiday dinner – you provide the trimmings. Meat will be provided – please bring a holiday side dish. Usual time and place Join us for our traditional Potluck at 6pm in the Worship Arts Center next Thursday night, November 14. Bring your favorite dish to share. Everyone is welcome.


If you can read this and like children, you can make a difference today. Our best investment for the future of Christianity in this world are our children. Like any good long term investment, we need to begin early and put in resources often. Would you like to make that investment in our next generation of great disciples today. Ask Niki how you can change the world through a child today. Step up to the adventure.


A “Welcome” Idea for Kim,

our New Associate Pastor

We on staff thought it would be a nice idea to a have a jar called “The Daily Prayer Jar” on Kim’s desk for her when she arrives!  Individual prayers can be written and placed in her jar on slips of paper.  Let her know you have her in prayer, or share a blessing with her. Please look on the table in the Commons for the jar. If you would like to participate, write a prayer and slip it into the jar. Prayers may be signed or anonymous. You may also send them to the office by email: and they will be added to the jar on your behalf. Please indicate that these are for Kim to receive!



You Are Invited!

Saturday, November 23, 1-3 PM

Advent Wreath Making &

Christmas Cookie Decorating

Come join us for traditional Holiday fun. All ages are welcome. Learn about the Advent wreath, make one for the family, and come decorate some Christmas cookies. All in time for your Thanksgiving Festivities!

Free to Attend.

Questions? Contact



Sunday, November 24th, is Consecration Sunday. We will have a combined Sunday morning worship service at 10:30 am followed by a Celebration Luncheon.  Rejoice with us at the great things God is doing in and through Brunswick Church. This is the time to review our gifts from God and reflect on how we can share our gifts in support of God’s work through the missions and ministries of our church. It looks to be an exciting and fun event so you don’t want to miss it. We will supply the main dish, but we need you to help out with side dishes. Please contact the office to tell us what you are bringing at or call the office and leave a message.

Pastor Kim Jackson’s Statement of Faith

Some folks at and after the meeting were asking about Pastor Kim’s statement of faith. It is available here at this link.

Snow Removal Team

Weekend safety around our church during snowy weather has been handled by volunteers who are assigned weekends. The more the merrier (and lighten the load), we invite new folks to join us. We welcome anyone who feels comfortable running a snow blower and shovel. Serve your worshiping community by making sure our paths are safe and our facility is accessible when the snow flies. If you are interested in helping our or would like more information, contact Tim Maki at or Roy Krasse at or call 518-279-3792.