I miss seeing Len. I miss our talks together. I miss Len. Those were my thoughts yesterday as I headed out to do errands, knowing I would go by his house, walk up to his bay window and wave and smile and stay as long as I could. But how do I communicate my thoughts to him, I wondered.

I decided to take some post-it notes with me, along with some clear tape. As I approached the hill in his front yard, his daughter Kathy was coming from the house. I told her my plan. She encouraged me to tape away! And so I did. I taped three posts on the bay window.. One post read “I miss seeing you.” Another read “I miss our talks together.” The last one read “I miss you, Len!”  

We both waved and smiled at each other. I motioned him to come near the window. He understood that I wanted to take his picture. And so I did. And for however little time I spent at Len’s bay window, my heart was fuller for having gone there, for having been there, with Len.

God Bless You, Len! We all miss you.