Special Needs

At Brunswick Church, we welcome all people into our gathered worship, including those who have special needs.  If there is any way in which we can assist you, please let one of the ushers know. Large-print Worship Guides and Community Life newsletters are available by the sound board as you enter the Worship Center.

For the hearing impaired, we have an assisted listening system installed.  This system allows you to amplify the audio of the service so that you can better hear it.  If you require a receiver, the audio tech can provide you with one.  We have some members of our congregation who are fluent in sign, and night me able to help you.  Also, every sermon is posted on this web site, so if you were unable to hear part of it, you can always go on-line and read it or listen to it later.

Those who are caring for infants or small children will find several things that may help them during the service.  We offer child care during the service just outside the worship center.  We have the capability to discreetly page a parent if necessary.  If you wish to remain with your children during the service, they are welcome to join you Worship Center.  There is also a cry room available for those who wish require a bit of privacy.

The Worship Center is wheelchair accessible.  The entry doors are all double doors, and will easily allow a wheelchair to pass.  We have special parking spaces reserved for those which special needs.  In addition, we have several wheelchairs in the building that are available for those who would be served by one, but are unable to transport their own wheelchair to the church building.  Most of the building is on one level, and so is accessible.  We do have a lower level containing several classrooms, which is accessible via an elevator.