God created people to worship. Worship reaches out to the transcendent and responds to graces that are beyond our comprehension. Authentic worship reflects the personality of those who gather. At Brunswick we worship at three times each weekend. The same theme, scripture and sermon are presented at each service. While all of our worship draws on the resources of the centuries as well as the technology of today each of those services - Thursday at 7:00pm and Sunday at 8:30am and 11:00am - has it's own distinctive flavor.

Our worship follows 4 movements:

Gathering Together

We arrive, greet each other, and turn our minds toward worship.  Gathering generally includes a time of sung praise, and the Lord's prayer.  We will sometimes hear a report from a missionary, and importany announcement of interest to the congregation may be made.  In the time of gathering, we will invite the children to come forward and bless them; aftward, the children may either return to their seats with their families or participate in Extreme Worship.  

Hearing the Word of God

After we have gathered, we hear the Word of God proclaimed and preached.  Hearing generally begins with a reading of one or more Bible passages.  For those who wish to read along: the text is displayed the screen at the front of the Worship center, and Bibles are available in every other seat.  After the text is read, the word is the proclained in the form of a sermon.  Our sermons are organized onto series, which may be seaonal, topical or perhaps follow a particular book of the Bible.

Responding to the Word of God

After we hear the Word, are have a chance to respond to what we have just heard.  This gives us the chance to not be just hearers of the Word, but also doers (James 1:22).  Our response includes prayerfully considing what God is calling us to do through the message we have just heard.  The response also gives us a chance to offer our tithes, monetary gifts and our whole lives as a grateful response to God's goodness.  We then take some time to share blessings and concerns and lift them up to the Lord as a community in prayer. (Prayer request cards available on which we may write write our concernt.  These are prayed over by the church staff in their weekly meetings)  And finally, each week, we have the oppurtunity to renew our commitment to the Lord by celebrating the Lord's Supper.

Sending out.

The final movement consists is our being sent out to love and serve God and our nieghbors.  This gives us the chance the put into practice that which God has told us during the service.

All our worship is dynamic. It grows and stretches our ability to praise. The distinctives of each worship service informs the others as we use whatever hymn or praise or liturgy will best serve. Please join us as we worship the transcendent God who is present among his worshipers delighting in the rich relationship he offers us with him and one another.