Harry Heintz

Harry Heintz

Pastor Emeritus


I first came to Brunswick Church in the early fall of 1974 -- and hung around for 38 years. It was a much smaller congregation then in a much smaller building. But the warm welcome and willingness to grow in grace were present then as they are now. It was a high honor to serve as a pastor in such a congregation. My tenure ended in the early fall of 2012 and the memories of my time in Brunswick are rich and many.

While there I developed a love of Sunfish sailing. I also root for the Red Sox, to the chagrin of much of the church staff (this is looking like a good century for the Boston crew). I collect books about Abraham Lincoln, more than I will ever read, but I have read a good many. Rachel and I love being with our daughters Teressa and Lisa, son-in-law Rajiv, and grandsons Brennan and Evan.

A year after my retirement from Brunswick, Rachel and I moved to Henrietta, in greater-Rochester, which puts us near our grandsons so we can watch Brennan play baseball and Evan act and sing in school musicals. I am doing some part-time teaching and other projects for Northeastern Seminary and preaching many Sundays in this new area. I am thrilled to be called pastor emeritus by the Brunswick Church.

SDG, Harry