Church on Fire

Sermon Series: Pentecost 2017

Church on Fire


June 04, 2017

Acts 2:1-21

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Henry Kim

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Acts 2:1-21

I.          Introduction

a.    Good counsels and teaching is nice, but without power it is not effective.

b.    Illustration: Nascar Racing – Daytona 500 earlier this year, Kurt Busch won after Chase Elliott and Kyle Larson ran out of gas

II.          Scripture – “excellent teaching” that we cannot carry out on our own

a.    Old Testament Law and The Sermon on the Mount = “bad news,” telling us what to do and what not to do, but giving us no power. That was the problem with the Pharisees who tried to legalize their way to salvation/holiness

b.    Jesus told the disciples to do the impossible: “Go and do greater works than these.”

III.          Jesus knew his disciples needed more than good teachings and a new way of living in order to accomplish the mission he had set before them.  they needed power

a.    Jesus told them, “You will receive power from on high . . . But you’ve got to wait for it.”

b.    Acts 2, made the ministry possible

IV.          The disciples were filled with the Spirit

a.    The symbolism of the fire and wind for the Spirit, is important

b.    Fire represents the holy presence of God.

                i.          Burning bush

              ii.          The fire that lead the people of God in the desert

c.     The Holy Spirit, broke the communication barrier so that everyone could hear the gospel in their own language. The people were amazed, astonished and perplexed when they saw these phenomena; something extraordinary had happened. More than that they were changed by the power of the Spirit in that moment.

V.          That fire burns today in us, we need to let it out. All of the teaching we do here is ineffective without the Holy Spirit. We need to do this in order

a.     First, we take in the Word of God, Christ’s teachings, the Good News, then we allow the Spirit to power our ministries. That is how we equipped ourselves for battle in the service of our Lord.

VI.          Have you ever thought, “Why isn’t the church today as alive and powerful as the early church?”

a.    We have shut the Holy Spirit up in some quiet closet of our lives so we can feel safe. We keep the fire safely contained to the point where it is almost undetectable.

                i.          We do not allow it to burn enough in our lives or ministries to provide light or heat/power to either.

              ii.          We are afraid of what it might do it we allow it to burn

b.    If we are going to release the power of the Holy Spirit in our lives:

                i.          First, we have to understand that the Holy Spirit is in all believers already. We do not need the Holy Spirit to come down on us again, as it did in Acts 2, we have it. We need to become sensitive to the Spirit in us today.

              ii.          Two, Pentecost reminds us that the Holy Spirit’s fire will not hurt us, and while it may fill us. It will not destroy us. It is there to fill us with power, life, hope, etc.

            iii.          Three, we release the power of the Holy Spirit when we seek to lift Christ high. We do not the Holy Spirit when we try to put it into a box or control it. We release the Holy Spirit when we truly come before our Lord and say, “Not my will, but your’ s, Lord!”

VII.          Conclusion

a.    We can’t control the Holy Spirit, but we can be filled with fire that will fuel our lives

b.    Have you embraced Pentecost in your life?


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