We seek to be a multicultural, multigenerational congregation with growing influence for Jesus Christ in the Town of Brunswick, Rensselaer County, across the Capital Region , and around the world.

The mission field is all around us

At Brunswick Church, we strive to recognize and react to the needs within our own community. We are also a sending church that seeks to reflect the example set by Jesus Christ. We must all look outside of ourselves and share our resources, our gifts and our very lives with others.

The Brunswick Church Mission Team follows a prayerfully created and regularly evaluated mission policy as we select mission partners to support. We currently support mission partners in over 14 countries. We encourage relationships with our partners and are blessed by numerous visits throughout the year. We also strive to be a local congregation with a heart for our own community. We believe we reflect God's own that heart for mission when we reach outside ourselves and share not only our resources, but our very lives with others.

Having a heart for mission means that Brunswick is both a sending and receiving church —willing to send leadership and receive leadership from our mission partners. We recognize that mission is a two-way street —acknowledging we often receive and learn much more than we give and teach.

The main focus of our mission is relationship.

Crucial to our focus are our mission partners both local and global.
In addition to our many dear partners and friends,
we've been led in the last several years to a deeper emphasis in the following areas:
Gulf Coast (Pearlington MS, Gulfport MS,
                                                         and New Orleans LA)                                                          
Downtown Troy
Rural Rensselaer Country

If you would like to know more, email missions@brunswickchurch.org.